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Story of the Month:  3 Generations

TIFFANY is a true granola girl... she will not put anything in her body that isn't natural and she is just as strict about what goes on her skin.  That's why she loves Naked Minerals for its natural ingredients. Did I mention she has six children? Extra time is something she has not had in years. Naked Minerals has truly been a time saver she can put her entire face on in just minutes.

SUSAN has given up on conventional makeup all together because everything irritated her severe case of Rosacea, a very common skin condition that causes redness and extreme sensitivity to products. Naked Minerals is the first makeup that covered the red completely and did not make her skin feel bad it just made her look great.

PHYLLIS is 80 years young and applying makeup has become a problem because she just can't see like she used to. Naked Minerals won her over when she saw just how easy it was to she has decided to give makeup another try. The fact Naked Minerals took 20 years off her appearance was just an added bonus.


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