1. What is 'Naked Minerals™' makeup?
  2. Naked Minerals™ makeup is an all natural mineral makeup line. Made from pure color pigment, it is formulated from pure rocks of the earth, such as Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide, Iron Oxide, Etc. These rocks are sterilized, pulverized, and micronized three times for perfected particles. Naked Minerals™ is free of toxins, harsh chemicals, artificial binders and fillers, mineral oil, waxes, petroleum products, parabens,, FD&C colorings, and perfume. Naked Minerals™ foundation is tested for hypoallergenic tested, and has a non-synthetic sun block rating of SPF15.

  3. What makes Naked Minerals™ different from the other Mineral Makeup I see advertised on TV?
    1. Pressed, no mess.
    2. Quick and easy to apply.
    3. Skin of color can now wear mineral makeup successfully
    4. Naked Minerals™ is a manufacturer guaranteed product.
      Our entire line is pure and natural.
    5. Affordable, high quality pure mineral makeup.

  4. How will Naked Minerals™ makeup look on my skin?
  5. After applying our formula most women we ask say that Naked Minerals™ makeup is the most beautiful makeup they have ever seen on their face. Your skin will takes on an under glow of healthy, flawless skin. Naked Minerals™ helps to soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, gives your skin complete coverage, and feels like you are wearing no makeup at all.

  6. What about the quality and cost of Naked Minerals™?
  7. Naked Minerals™ is one of the highest quality mineral makeup lines available, and is comparable in quality to those sold in the Spas and Boutiques which can cost up to 25% more.

  8. Is Naked Minerals™ 'OK' for men to wear?
  9. YES. We encourage men to wear Naked Minerals™. Naked Minerals™ foundation helps protect their skin, and is a natural sunscreen. Men are comfortable wearing Naked Minerals™ due to the small mineral particles. You cannot tell there is anything on the skin.

  10. How does Naked Minerals™ work for the appearance acne-prone skin?
  11. Because of our all natural formula, there are no harmful ingredients that would appear to irritate acne-prone skin. With Naked Minerals™ the redness and scarring that is associated with acne is very easy to cover. It is very common to hear that customers wearing Naked Minerals™ have seen an improvement in the appearance of their skin.

  12. Can you use the blush on the eyes and lips?
  13. YES. ALL of our colors have been designed to be multifaceted. That includes the bronzer duo, and foundations as well. So you can get creative!

  14. Is Naked Minerals™ recommended by Dermatologist?
  15. Naked Minerals™ foundation has been clinically, and dermatologist tested.

  16. Is there mineral oil in Naked Minerals™?
  17. No. In pure mineral makeup there is no mineral oil. Pure Naked Minerals™ is made from mineral rocks from the earth.
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